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Our Philosphy

Our unique approach will give your child the opportunity to develop into a joyful, confident learner who is prepared for success in school and life.

Learning through play works because children are likelier to remember lessons if they enjoy them, and they are more likely to show enthusiasm for learning if they have fun at school. For example, if children learn about the planets by singing a fun song about them, they will likely remember that song and the information they learned. Ongoing research also shows that playful teachers can increase their student’s long-term academic performance.

Young children who learn through play are more capable of making their own decisions, advocating for themselves, and using creativity to solve problems as they grow,” adds Dr. Pruett. During play, children link old thoughts with new ones, build new experiences, and access knowledge.

At Leens Nestling our Methodology involves Conceptualized  Learning supported by Play-Way Methodology, the Montessori Approach, and Experiential Learning or learning by doing. The positive ambiance of Leens Nestling encourages the children to explore, investigate, and relish the intrinsic joy of learning. The curriculum is designed to develop the student’s capacity to think deeply, make close observations, experiment, and questions. In this way, learning is meaningful and contextual. With this system, children can increase their power of understanding and comprehension. The activity chart incorporates circle time, arts and craft activities, dance, music, imaginative play, constructive modeling, simple science, free play, garden play, stories and puppet shows, speech & drama, yoga, physical development, and Montessori activities all of which are continued throughout the school. Along with the physical and mental development, we also focus on inculcating values – traditional, cultural and moral, etiquette, and emotional intelligence. We also assist the child in acquiring pre-reading and pre-writing skills and practical numeracy at various levels.

“I hear I forget,
I see I remember,
I do I understand”

A Unique Approach Coupled With A Nurturing Environment

Children experience the deepest and the most genuine learning through play and fun activities lovingly guided by highly trained and motivated mother teachers.

A mother teacher ensures provision of a safe, active and a healthy environment for the children to stimulate their learning, encourage curiosity and use of five senses. A mother teacher ensures that the child’s physical, emotional and social needs are catered with love and care and the child’s milestones transition smoothly.

This distinctive model ensures that the children are known and appreciated for their individual gifts, talents and personalities.

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