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Toddlers Program in PreSchools Gurgaon

Toddlers Program in preschools gurgaon (12 Months onwards)

Our toddler program is designed to meet the overall needs of preschoolers and to facilitate their development through age-appropriate experiences. Due to the individuality of each child expectations vary; each child is challenged but not hurried. Our specialized mother-teachers take time to work with them individually, in small groups, and sometimes with the entire class–to help develop their cognitive and social skills, their language abilities, and their interest in learning new things about the world. The mother-teacher spends lots of time cuddling and talking to their baby to instill trust and confidence and provide a loving, secure, and healthy early learning environment for constructive exploration and communication.

“Play is the highest form of research”
-Albert Einstein

Our Toddler arena is where we create an environment of home away from home. We believe that at the age of 18 months when a child is taking his or her first steps towards a school environment, the first thing we should provide is comfort and security. Around this age, children are partially able to express themselves and are ready to learn more. This level of learning can be greatly enhanced in a play school. At Leens Nestling, the toddler program gives children the freedom to play and explore. Our classrooms are designed in a way that children can explore different skills with the help of special corners in the classroom. There is a lot of movement and activity where children hop from the puzzle corner to the book corner or the life-skill corner etc., to challenge the intellect and develop skills, however at a pace comfortable to the child.

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